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Welcome to stepupphysio.

stepupphysio consists of a group of caring health professionals who focus on minimizing clients’ muscle and joint pain as well as optimizing their functional abilities, fitness level and long-term well-being. We strive to provide up-to-date research-based therapeutic assessment and treatment to ultimately achieve the best results possible. Our therapists are rich in a broad-based combined level of experience and actively participate in research and post-graduate education in order to stay at the cutting edge of health care.

Our clients present with a combination of the following; pain, pins and needles, numbness, acute neck and back discomfort, sports injuries, poor balance, concerns about deteriorating functional abilities, a determination to prevent or slow the progression of physical, metabolic, bone, respiratory and/or cardiovascular disease, a need to improve their performance in sport, dance, theater or music.

A broad spectrum of healthcare options exists today; mainstream medicine, alternative practices, ancient tried and tested treatments, researched approaches as well as new philosophies which can be untested and over-marketed. At stepupphysio we keep open but safety-conscious minds when selecting the treatments we offer our clients. Our ultimate success is to assist our clients achieve their health goals safely, within their financial comfort, in a fun and friendly environment.

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