One of the disadvantages of modern living is that we are outdoors less often, and our activity levels have dramatically declined. Here are three tips on navigating your way through the hustle and bustle of urban life.  

1. Alter your commute

Decide that you are going to add a little extra exercise outdoors to your commute. Whether you commute by car or on foot to work, there are ways to incorporate a little extra exercise into your route. Consider cycling to work instead of using your car. Even a couple of times each week will help you conserve gas as well as provide a great cardio session to start and end your day. If you take the subway, increase the distance you walk by getting off a few stops early. If you walk to work, take the long route to the office/home.

2. Take a Walk in the Park

We are fortunate to have so many great parks within our city. Take a walk in your local park or discover new parks either near your office or in your area at least once a week. Parks offer plenty of open space, "fresh" air, and an opportunity to make some quiet time for yourself

3. Take in Some City Sights

Some people find exercising a little on the boring side, so spice it up by getting to know your city at the same time. Pick an area of the city that you have always wanted to explore and discover it as you walk or run.

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