When it comes to being a golfer and living in Toronto, it can be easy to succumb to the doldrums of winter and let the rust build up on your golf swing. Oiling up your joints when the season finally opens can eat in to your valuable course time. Fortunately, there are ways to get yourself "course ready" so that when the winter is behind you...you're ready for action.  
Work Your Muscles - It's now considered to be a critical part of golf training with all the pros, and it makes sense. Besides, you've promised yourself that you would get in better shape. With twenty two muscles primarily involved in the forward swing, conditioning these muscles to increase your flexibility will improve your swing speed...stretching exercises will help get you there. 

Balance - Balance is an essential component to an accurate, powerful golf swing. Without proper balance, a golf swing is devoid of precision and power. By working on your balance, you will introduce strength into your swing while improving your swing accuracy.

Posture - A sure way to avoid injury on the golf course is to work to improve your posture when addressing the golf ball. With your spine in good alignment, it leads to a more effective swing while minimizing golf swing related injuries that could rob your of your time on the course.

Core Strength - the muscles that comprise your body's core are hugely important to your golf swing. The prime function of these muscles is to provide stability to your body while you swing the golf club. During a golf swing not only does your body move forward and backward, but also side to side while rotating...that's a lot to deal with, and having a strong core helps you enormously to complete each swing no matter where the ball lies.  
At stepupphysio, we realize that as a golfer, you want to play your best to maximize your enjoyment and so we have tailored a golf program to help you achieve that aim. To enable you to play your best golf, call us on (416) 207 9395 to arrange your personal golf assessment and allow us to apply years of extensive research and detailed biomechanical knowledge about the golf swing to your game.